Angelika Seebacher

Nicole Paris combines expressive color contrasts and strong strokes with subtle emotions to a dynamic dialogue in her artwork. She skillfully composes her paintings via the art of omission with spontaneous lines, acting as outlines, and color, thus managing to achieve an even stronger, vibrant statement. Quite often big, clear eyes with a penetrating glance draw the spectator under the spell of Nicole’s complex existential theme world but leave the story behind it open. Her works stimulate to project own ideas and associations to the illustrated human expressions, tensions and interactions, essential factors of her work, which the artist captures freehand and impulsively on to the canvas. 

In recent years Nicole Paris started to express her emotions strongly regarding the conflict situations women and girls are confronted with in our world of abundance and regarding the submission to religious dogmas, so the viewer is encouraged to reflect and discuss. Through her expressive form of painting she also wants to set a personal counterpoint concerning our, by digital media, dominated world. In her current exhibition "Fräuleinwunder", at the Zürich Gallery Van Limburg Stirum, Nicole Paris shows a thematically arranged retrospective of her work, created as a tribute to young, attractive, self-confident, desirable, and young at heart women of today.

In 2009 Nicole Paris Schürer received her bachelor of Fine Arts at the renowned art school Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London. 
After living in New York and London she returned to her hometown Vienna in 2010. She now lives in Switzerland, where she is a practicing artist regularly exhibiting at international art fairs and exhibitions.